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At Something To Grow On, we offer days packed full of activities. All of our activities help the social/emotional, intellectual and physical development of children. Children learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our lessons to each child's unique learning style. Your child will enjoy the hand-on activities that Something To Grow On provides daily.

Scientific Thinking & Technology

Our science program teaches children how to formulate ideas and study nature through observation. We are currently using "Mother Goose Cares about Math and Science Program." This program uses literacy to assist children in learning the different math and science language such as graphing, compare/contrast, ordinal number, etc.) This method of teaching helps children to become more confident in math and science concepts.

Mathematical Thinking

Children will learn pre-math skills through games, stories, and table activities.  We have a large assortment of manipulatives  that will help your child begin to make sense of number concepts. Children learn to count and compare numbers through lacing number cards, counting songs, and daily practices such as setting the table for lunch or snack.

‚ÄčLanguage  & Literacy Development

Skills are learned that will prepare your child for the Kindergarten.  Developmentally-appropriate stories are read daily; with an emphasis on helping your child with focusing and comprehension skills. Children are engaged in analyzing and interpreting text through studies of fact and opinion, inferences, and organization of textual information.

Creative Expression

Through a variety of practices within creative expression, children are engaged in cultural awareness, team building exercises, and self-expression. Children are exposed to many different types of music daily. Children are encouraged to express themselves through dance. Several times a week the Pre-Kindergarten class has a rhythm circle where students gather in a circle and take turns creating their own rhythms using their  hands. The class tries to imitate the rhythm.

Physical Development

With parent-collaboration, children learn good health practices through hand-washing, healthy eating, and active play. In order to help muscle development, strength and coordination, children are provided opportunities to use scissors with art activities, playdough, and manipulatives.

Social Studies

Children learn rules and consequences through books, games, and the class rule chart. Children learn to work in groups during our weekly class meetings where children collaborate on decision-making. Children learn about the causes and effects of limited resources, and how they can share resources.


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