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Something To Grow On Educational Center, Inc.

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Curriculum Statement


Something To Grow On Educational Center, Inc. has chosen the Creative Curriculum, a research-supported curriculum, to use in the toddler and preschool classrooms. Through the curriculum your child will explore a well-rounded balance of learning experiences and have many opportunities to develop important skills needed to be successful in school.

Something To Grow On has a variety of learning centers that are clearly defined by dramatic play, blocks, art, literacy, sensory, science, music, active indoor and outdoor play. In addition, we go on bi-weekly nature/science walks that enable the children to observe and discuss their outdoor environment. Materials from the center are rotated monthly.

Young children enjoy a routine because it makes them feel secure knowing what to expect next. We also like to be flexible and spontaneous while still following a general structure.

All age groups at Something To Grow On participate in circle time activities, where we greet the children, play games, sing songs, and read stories. We create an atmosphere where children are encouraged to participate and talk about a variety of subjects, thereby using their language skills and developing self-confidence in a group setting. These educational play sessions help prepare all of our children to receive instruction from their teacher. Our program prepares the infant/toddler for the preschool classroom and the preschooler for kindergarten and beyond.

Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled biannually. During these conferences we discus the results of assessments that have been done. We perform the Ages and States- a screening tool used after forty-five days of enrollment. This assessment helps us in determining if the child needs supportive services. We also use the Ounce Scale and Work Sampling for preschoolers.